Wat Chong Klang
Khokuso Bamboo Bridge Pai
Doi Pui Luang Sop Moei
Poy Sang Long
Royal Pagoda
Pang Oung
Long Neck Karen Tribe
Su Tong Pe Bridge
Horse Carriage Lampang
Ban pabong Piaeng
Wat Huai Pra Kang
Sunflowers Khunyuam
Akha Tribe
Wat Chong Klang_13_11_2021
Khokuso Bamboo Bridge_24_12_2021
Doi Pui Luang 601_16_06_2022
Poy Sang Long_13_11_2021
Royal Pagoda 8_29_12_2021
Pang Oung 8_29_12_2021
Long Neck Karen_13_11_2021
Su Tong Pe Bridge_09_02_2022
Lampang 600_12_06_2022
Rice Fields 600_16_06_2022
Wat Huai Pra Kang 600_12_06_2022
Sunflowers 600_16_06_2022
Akha Tribe 600_11_06_2022

Mae Hong Son Holidays is a tour operator based in Mae Hong Son, licensed by the Department of Tourism of Thailand. We offer a wide range of private tours to the most popular attractions in Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai. We also provide customized itinerary planning services to other destinations in northern Thailand. If you are a traveler who has their own unique travel style and a desire to travel in the northern part of Thailand, especially to Mae Hong Son, the city of dreams for worldwide travelers, If you would like to design your own specific and unique trip but you don’t know how to start, you just contact us and notify us of the time of the month and year that you would like to travel, the length of your holiday, the number of travel companions, the category of accommodation that you would like to check into, the province, and the tourist attraction that you would like to visit, or the category of the tourist attraction or the activity that you admire, and the festival or the tradition that you would like to attend. After we have received the complete information, we will start to plan your trip and we will send you the details of the trip, including the list of accommodation, the tourist attractions, the activity, the price, and other information for you to consider. The travel plan can be adjusted according to your desire in order to allow your travel to the northern part of Thailand to be as real as your desire. Please don’t hesitate to contact us; let’s come to design and plan your holiday together with us and let’s travel to those destinations together.

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