Mae Hong Son Adventure Full Day Tour

Appreciate wonder of Pluang fish in the cave with appealing nature at Fish Cave Forest Park. Explore Tham Lod which is a grand cave and another important archaeological tourist attraction of Mae Hong Son Province, the archaeologists discovered traces of residence of ancient humans such as drawings on the cave wall and tools and utensils which are aged about a thousand year. Admire elegance of stalagmite and stalactite and calcite crystal that glitters when exposed to lights. Furthermore, inside this Tham Lod Cave, Lang River flows from the cave opening through another side that we provide activities for tourists to get more fun and excitement with bamboo rafting in the cave. Visit the village of Lahu people and Lisu people immigrated from the southern part of China to settle down in Pang Mapha District for hundred year.

Highlights: Fish Cave Forset Park, Tham Lod Cave, Lisu Hill Tribe Village, Lahu Hill Tribe Village (Lunch)

● 1 Person  6,000 ฿
● 2 Persons 3,300 ฿
● 3 Persons 2,600 ฿
● 4 Persons 2,200 ฿
● 5 Persons up 1,800 ฿
● Price per person / Thai baht / Private tour

● English speaking guide
● Travel accident insurance
● Admission fees as tour mentioned
● Meals as mentioned in the program, 1 Lunch

● Personal expenses
● Meals are not mentioned in the program


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