Shan Handicrafts

Tai shirt:
The length of woman’s Tai blouse has to be at the waist level and in front of the blouse has passed from one side to another side, with shoulder sleeves and none shoulder sleeves, there is some thick embroidery or engraving around the neck, edge of sleeves, edge of the blouse and some decoration with beads, pearls, spangles. For man’ Tai shirt has to sew the stitch inside the shirt and none shoulder sleeves, or sewing by separating the edge of both sides of shirt, in case of long sleeves it may be sew as a trace at the elbow or the edge of sleeves. Sewing with double stitches or single stitch from around the neck of the shirt straight down until the edge of the shirt, the middle back of the shirt sewing with the stitch straight down until the edge of the shirt, too. The button is made of the same cloth of the shirt there are pockets at the both sides of the edge of the shirt and a boring pocket at the left chest of the shirt. The embroidery must be prominent, neat, and nice and correct in accordance with the foundation details. Sewing, the velocity has to be nice not too close or too far. The colors of lining cloth have to be the same color as the shirt.

Tai design:
The feature of Tai design is similar to Thai tribes in the various regions in Indo China Cape especially the Thai details art can deduce that Tai design art has been originated for a long time over thousands of years as same as Thai art, that is in the year around century 9 of Buddha the Asian region has received Buddhist culture from India by bringing the arts and artisan, too. The early era the art of China, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thai, is the arts which receives the culture from India. Shan is also a branch of Thai nation therefore it is possible to receive the arts religion from India which is the same as the other Thai tribes, too.

Kubtai is generally called by the local language of Shan or the other name “wickerwork hat” it is used for protecting sunlight and rain and also put on at the various activities such as tradition parade in order to express the unique of the district and some place uses to decorate shops, houses, and the place where has the various exhibitions to show for beauty or to show the unique and the benefit of using. Nowadays, it is very popular for tourists ‘souvenir that come to visit Mae Hong Son province.

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