River Cruises

Pai River Cruises:
For the tourists who do not prefer rafting you can go along the river by boat instead; it is not less fun than rafting. You can take only one hour to go with the long-tailed boat that will take you go along the river banks that are full of pleasant nature; sometimes the morning fog can change the nature of this river to be the river in your dream. To be composed of the mountain ranges, green trees, and fertile forests which lie along the both sides of the river banks can make you view fully in the nature. In addition of the beauty of the nature, you can still drop in greeting the long-necked at Huai Poo Gang village and Shan village at Baan Num Pieng Din, which is Myanmar-Thai Border village. For this trip, the tourists have to take boat at Baan Huai Dua pier where located at Huai Dua village and it is 5 km. far from Mae Hong Son town using 15 minutes for the journey.

Salween River Cruises:
Because of decreasing of the level on Salween River in dry season, therefore, you will see the beach and the rocks line up appearing from the water. It is very popular for the tourists to go along on the river by using the long-tailed boat for sightseeing, including with the way of life of both Thai and Burmese along the river banks. Salween River sailing will start at Mae Saam Laeb village, which situated approximately 47 km. away from Mae Sariang district, continue the journey along the high way 1194. Mae Sam Lab village is Thai – Myanmar Border village and is also the center of boat rental for Salween River sailing, there are a lot of boat services gathered together here and there are two routes to choose as follow: the first route going up the water directly to the north passing Simoota village, Mae Paw village arriving Tatafang village and Salween Wildlife Preservation area which taking about 2 hours for going and returning of the journey. Another route, sailing down the water directly to the south until arriving Sob Meoi village which is the meeting point of Sob Meoi and Salween Rivers before flowing down into Myanmar, taking about 2 hours for going and returning of the journey.

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