Rock Climbing

Presently, rock climbing is the most popular activity, which arranged in Thailand, among tourists. In Mae Hong Son also has a place for rock climbing type of “Abseiling” and the interesting place is “Spirit Well Cave” at Luk Khao Lam village in Pang Mapha district which looks like a sinkhole cave, the largest and deepest cave in Thailand, the width of the hole equivalent of two football fields and the depth about 140 meters. The bottom of the hole is like a lush green forest all year round surrounded by stone walls and lined with thousands beautiful stalactites and stalagmites along sides of the hole. The only way we will be able to explore the cave is rappelling clime down a cliff into the forest below which takes about one hour and two hours in climbing back to the top.

Nowadays there are not any tour operators that can arrange such an exciting climbing in Mae Hong Son. However, for the interested tourist kindly contacts “Cliff Top Adventures Tour” in Chiang Mai which particularly setting this activity website: and “Hyperventure” website:

The journey from Mae Hong Son using the highway no.1095 before reaching Pang Mapha district the tourist can notice the label village “Luk Khao Lam” turns right 2 kms. to Luk Khao Lam village which is the village of Lahu hill tribe from the village the tourist has to walk about half an hour to “Spirit Well Cave”.

Before travelling to Spirit Well Cave the tourist has to learn and practice with the real equipment using for rappelling at the simulation area with the skillful tour staff. The tourist can choose to stay overnight at the bottom of the hole or in the hotels which arranged by travel agencies. In order not to destroy the nature of the cave the tourist should strictly not kindle a fire including collects all garbage.

If you like adventure or admire a challenging activity Spirit Well Cave welcoming and waiting for you to prove your courage and your talent in Mae Hong Son.

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