Trekking Tours

The forest areas in Mae Hong Son province considered to be one of top big abundant forests of Thailand, each forest still full of nature and beauty. For the tourists who love in adventure, wandering along the steep winding road to admire the nice breathtaking forest and nature among the sophisticated mountains switching to streams, and for ones who love to learn the lives without any facilities in the forest touching the simple plain life with different cultures of ethnic groups of hill tribes in deep forests of Mae Hong Son province. We would like to offer the following program in the form of trekking.

Perhaps some of the trekking programs will not be suitable to your needs, therefore any of the tourist who would like to arrange the own program kindly let us know or any recommendations please contact us at any time. Finally, we would like to inform that the best time of trekking is during June - January.

  • Rice Fields 2.jpg
    For trekkers who do not have much time, or do not like difficult hiking routes, we would like to recommend this program because it is a short hiking route which is suitable for all...

  • Fileds.jpg
    The area and hiking routes are located in Pang Mapha District approximately 67 km. away from Mae Hong Son city. Trekkers will be able to visit various tribes such as Lahu, Lisu, an...

  • Mountain 3.jpg
    The area and trekking routes start and end at Pang Mapha District which away from Mae Hong Son city 67 km. Although it is a 3 days 2 nights trip, the route is not very tough. We wi...
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