Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Mae Hong Son, a captivating province in the northern region of Thailand, shares its border with Myanmar. Situated 924 kilometers away from Bangkok, it encompasses a vast expanse of 12,681.259 square kilometers. The province ranks as the third-largest in Northern Thailand and the seventh-largest nationwide. Divided into seven distinct districts, Mae Hong Son consists of Muang Mae Hong Son district, Pai district, Pang Mapha district, Khun Yuam district, Mae Lanoi district, Mae Sariang district, and Sop Moei district. Its geographic boundaries are defined by Myanmar to the north and west, Tak province to the south, and Chiang Mai province to the east. Every district within Mae Hong Son Province shares a collective 483-kilometer border with the Union of Myanmar. The picturesque landscape of Mae Hong Son is characterized by intricate mountain ranges, diverse forests, and a perpetual shroud of mist. This natural allure has earned it the moniker “City of Three Mists.” The province’s enchanting ambiance, complemented by expansive vistas, grand capes, rejuvenating hot springs, and meandering streams, positions Mae Hong Son as a prominent hub for sustainable and conservation-focused travel in Thailand.

The province boasts a blend of distinct cultural atmospheres, reflective of various cities, lifestyles, and ethnic communities. The captivating allure of the Shan people and their unique way of life, alongside a medley of hill tribe villages such as Karen, Hmong, Lahu, Lisu, Pa-O, and Lawa, adds a rich tapestry to Mae Hong Son’s cultural mosaic. Each tribe contributes its own splendid traditions, customs, and lifestyle, harmoniously intertwined with the pristine and captivating natural surroundings. This harmonious convergence of nature and culture has led to Mae Hong Son being aptly dubbed “The City of Dreams,” a destination that entices travelers with its mesmerizing charm. Today, Mae Hong Son stands as a sought-after “dream destination,” captivating visitors with its captivating blend of cultural wonders and natural beauty. For those with an affinity for nature and culture, Mae Hong Son Holidays is delighted to provide comprehensive tourist information to enhance your experience in this remarkable province.

Mae Hong Son Province Map
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