Shan people have their own culture and are unique in eating and cooking, which is different from other regions in the north of Thailand, especially in eating rice. Shan will not consume sticky rice as same as other people in North region for their main eating but they will consume cooked rice instead from the past. The important main food of Shan is chili sauce such as Numprig Ong, Numprig Kua, Numprig Uub, Numprig Tuanao the main ingredients are composed of minced pork, onion, garlic, chili, salt, spring onion, coriander, dries ground fish. The famous Shan spicy foods are Gang Hung Lay, and other vegetables curry such as lettuce curry, ivy gourd curry, and various gourds curry, for salads there are bamboo shoot salad, star fruit salad, mango salad, other vegetables and animal’s skin salads.

Shan Sweets:
Shan sweets are divided into general sweets and seasonal sweets; here will talk about general sweets only such as Suaytamin which is made from steam-sticky rice mixes with sugar till it feels sticky pour over with coconut milk and bake until it becomes overdone. A-la-wa, it is like Suaytamin but made from wheat flour and bake on top with coconut milk, too. Pengmong, it is made from fermented flour by stewing coconut milk with sugar, then pour fermented flour to mix together with it, then stir until it feels proper, putting it on the tray, and bake till it is cooked after that, bake the top with coconut milk again. The other sweets such as khao tom mud, khao tom glawy, khao tom tua, khao tom kati, made by using leaves to wrap the sticky rice and put inside with banana, boiled bean, then steam them until they are cooked.

Tua nao cab (dried soya bean sheet):
Tua nao cab is the product from soya bean; Shan in Mae Hong Son, bring it to be seasoning. Tua nao cab is the wisdom of ancient people who had simple ways of eating but were useful. The reasons that make the people in Mae Hong Son prefer cooking food with Tua nao cab since it can make good taste and good smell. Moreover, Mae Hong Son province has a lot of areas for cultivating soya bean, both in plain and mountain areas. Nowadays, Tua nao cab becomes an important product of Mae Hong Son province and it is also important in Shan’s daily life because Shan prefers to use it to be the principal ingredient of almost every kind of food, e.g. every vegetable curry except types of beef and fish.

Pae Lor Bean:
“Pae Lor” is a legume plant. It is very popular to be cultivated in the area of Muang Mae Hong Son District, Pang Mapha District and Pai District; if it is not processed, it is called “Pae Jee”. Pae Jee beans can be brought to be processed in many forms. The bean is the fresh seed which will be brought to be cooked as the curry. If this has brought the fresh seed to be fried, this will be called, “Pae Jor”, if this has brought the fried seed to be fried for all of the nutshell, this is called, “Pae Lor”. Pae Lor bean is the famous product of Mae Hong Son Province. Tourists are popular to buy as a gift. This is the snack and this will have the oily, salty taste which has the high protein.

Lai Suea Bean:
“Lai Suea Bean” is a bean that has been registered as a Geographical Indication of Mae Hong Son Province. This is the plant which has the same family as the peanut, but this will have the thin shell. The pattern on the nutshell is the clear trench which has the big size bean. The membrane of the bean will have the white color and this has the purple scribble liked the tiger pattern. When this has been brought to pass the processing process with the roasted salt method from the local wisdom, this will make to get Mae Hong Son Lai Sua bean, which will have the crispy texture. This will have the sweet and soft salty taste which will be manufactured and processed in the area of Muang Mae Hong Son District, Pang Ma Pa District, Khun Yuam District and Pai District of Mae Hong Son Province.

Puff Ball Mushroom:
“Puffball Mushroom” is the local mushroom which will be grown naturally and this will have the productivity to be eaten in the rainy season only. (This is grown around from May to June) the characteristic of the puff ball mushroom will be the spheroid. If this is still a soft mushroom, this will have the off-white color inside, the outer shell will be crispy. If this is old already, the outer shell will be the brown to black color. For the inside meat, this will be the black color also. The puffball mushroom is admirable to the local people and Thai tourists very much. Due to this will have the oily taste and this will have the soft fragrant of the mushroom, the pull ball mushroom can be brought to be cooked as the food in various menus for both the easy menu such as; this will be brought to be boiled and putting a little bit salt and then this will be dipped with the chili sauce or this will be brought to be cooked as other curries.

Red Ant Eggs:
“Red Ant Eggs”, this is named as the important protein food source of the rural people since the ancient era; this can be brought to be cooked in various menus. No matter what this will be Red ant egg salad or Red ant egg curry. Red ant eggs are the embryos of the chrysalis of the worker ant and the queen ant. This is the big white size to the light pink grain. The chrysalis of the worker ant and the male ant will have the smaller size, approximately 5 mms. But the embryo of the queen ant will have the biggest size, approximately 1 cm. For the season to keep red ant eggs, this will always be done in the summer season from March to May. The red ant nest will have more eggs. Most red ant nests will be on the big tree. Before villagers will get red ant eggs in each time. This isn’t the easiest thing because the red ant will try to protect it desperately also.

Banana Blossom:
Banana Blossom is the part of the bouquet of the banana tree, which consists of the real flower that is covered within the big red ornamental leaves. The characteristic will be the stacked cladding until to the end of the bouquet liked the lotus bud. When the female flower has been grown as the banana by this has no need to receive the pollination until this will be the small combed banana. Gardeners will cut the banana blossom at the end of the bouquet out in order not to snatch food which will feed the banana; the cut banana blossom won’t be disposed for free. Because the off-white banana will be crispy, mixing with the acerbic taste of the fresh banana blossom. This will get along well with great dishes like Pad Thai or Rice noodles in fish curry sauce with vegetables. For the scald banana blossom, the sweet and acerbic taste will be popular to be eaten as vegetables with Chili Paste. Besides, this can be adapted to be cooked as a banana blossom salad. Banana blossom curry. Tom Yum Banana blossom. Steamed fish with curry paste and fried fish Patty banana blossom or Steamed and battered fish with curry paste to have the delicious taste and this will be full with the value that isn’t lost when this has compared to other types of vegetables.

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