Though, Songkran Festival in Mae Hong Son will not be as big as the other provinces. Anyway, Shan’s Songkran festival still remains the charm and the uniqueness in itself. Songkran festival or in other words New Year Day will begin on 13th of April, almost on every road in town there will be the youths throwing the water with fun to each other, on 15th of April the Buddha image will be paraded through the streets and let people pour water to welcome the new year or Songkran festival and for the prosperity. After that, there will be Miss Songkran Parades from other communities with beautiful decoration to Nong Jong Kham Park. Along both sides of the street will have a lot of tourists both Thais and foreigners join the festival by pouring water onto the Buddha image, throwing the water to each other and playing Shan’s instrument of music along the way. At Nong Jong Kum area there will be Miss Songkran contest, boat racing, local sporting match, and Shan’s art and culture shows. Later, there will be pouring water onto the elder relatives or who is respected in order to ask for the apologies or good wishes by tradition. In addition, every district in Mae Hong Son province will organize Songkran Festival, too. The enjoyment and happiness of the festival, the good and beautiful culture and, including the smile of the people with full hospitality make this festival cannot be forgotten from your memory.

Song Kran Festival
Song kran Festival
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