Booking Terms and Conditions:
You must be at least 18 years of age to make a booking. You agree to provide full, complete and accurate information to us and you warrant that you have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf of your party the terms of these booking conditions. After we have received confirmation of your booking we will send you an email and invoice for a non-refundable deposit of 20% of total amount, as soon as we receive confirmation of payment we will confirm your booking and send a tour booking confirmation document and other details via email. The balance can be paid on arrival in Thai Baht. Once you received your confirmation the tour contract is accepted by us. It is your responsibility to check that the information and booking details, including the spelling of all traveler names, as stated on your invoice are correct. Should there be any corrections, please inform us immediately.

Alteration of Itinerary and Refund Policy:
No refund, either in full or in part, will be made with respect to all arrangements for accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours or other services which are included in the Package Tour but not utilized by the traveler, or where the traveler amends, cancels or otherwise varies such arrangement after commencement of the Package Tour. If, after a package tour has departed, any services in the itinerary cannot be fulfilled or any changes to the itinerary are necessitated for any reasons beyond our control, such as earthquake, fire, flood, weather conditions, or other natural disasters, we reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the itinerary, but shall endeavor where possible to arrange for the provision of a comparable alternative service.

Mae Hong Son Holidays are not responsible for any damages, expenses, losses, or claims which are attributable to the fault of any client, the unforeseeable or unavoidable act or omission of a third party unconnected with the provision of any services that form any part of the tours, or a force mature event. Mae Hong Son Holidays shall have no liability for loss, theft of or damage to baggage or personal effects of Clients while participating in a tour.

Special Request:
Any special requests, such as special meals, dietary requirements, adjoining rooms, accommodation requirements, etc. Must be informed to us when making a reservation. However, please note that the request are subject to availability and confirmation by us.

Travel Accident Insurance:
As all our services cover travel incident insurance and according to the regulations of the Department of Tourism of Thailand, every tourist who travels to Thailand by using services of a travel company is required to be provided travel accident insurance by that travel company. Therefore, in case of booking a tour or car rental with us, please send a name list and personal details of all passengers to our email including name, surname, age, gender and nationality. We will send the list of names to an insurance company to make a travel accident insurance with no charges.

Privacy policy:
You agree and consent to us to disclose any personal information requested from you such as name, surname, gender and nationality that may be revealed to other service providers related to your traveling. For example, it is used for hotel booking or for providing activities or services you request us for reservation or even for providing travel accident insurance etc. However, we will be careful and cautious in disclosing your personal information in every case requested.

Photos and Marketing:
Mae Hong Son Holidays reserves the right to use any photos and videos taken during the tours for use in marketing or any other advertising material, and the client hereby consents to such use. The client further agrees that Mae Hong Son Holidays shall retain copyright over any such photos and videos taken during the tours and/or used in its brochures and, to the extent necessary, the client hereby assigns copyright in such photos and/or videos to Mae Hong Son Holidays. If the client wish not to do so, please inform us before your departure and we will respect your wish.

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