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Lisu Tribe
Lahu Tribe

Overview: Embark on an extraordinary journey to Tham Lod Cave, a magnificent cavern and a prominent archaeological gem of Mae Hong Son Province. This captivating site unveils the remnants of ancient human habitation, including intricate cave wall drawings and tools and utensils dating back thousands of years. Marvel at the exquisite beauty of stalagmites, stalactites, and shimmering calcite crystals that glisten when illuminated by light. Inside Tham Lod Cave, you’ll encounter the Lang River, meandering from the cave entrance to the other side. To enhance your experience with added thrill and amusement, we offer bamboo rafting activities within the cave. Glide along the gentle current, immersing yourself in the unique atmosphere and natural wonders surrounding you. Additionally, venture to the villages of the Lahu and Lisu people, who migrated from the southern regions of China and settled in Pang Mapha District several centuries ago. Explore their vibrant cultures and gain insight into their way of life, passed down through generations. Engaging with these local communities provides a valuable opportunity to appreciate their traditions and their enduring presence in the region. Prepare for an unforgettable expedition as you uncover the secrets of Tham Lod Cave, witness the splendor of nature’s formations, and connect with the rich cultural heritage of the Lahu and Lisu people.

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