Shan Performances

Gingala (Bird Dance):
It will be performed in the festivals or in the important occasions eg. Welcome the guests or the official foreign visitors, end of Buddhist Lent day, and other traditions. The art performance “Gingala” is a kind of dancing that imitates the bird manner. There will be some teasing according to each dancer style while performing and it is more natural and beautiful when joining together with the rhythm. The way of performance is to dance continuously accordance with the rhythm of the sound of drum and other musical instruments with each dancer’s manner until seeing the sign then the performance will be ended in harmony and beautifully. The period of dancing is uncertain and the place has to be big enough to let the dancers have space to perform their dancing style conveniently. Before performance must have teacher worship ceremony.

Gato (To dance):
Gato or Rum To is a kind of performance in Mae Hong Son province. It is like Chinese lion performance which is very enjoyable. There will be two dancers in this show, one of them is in front of the head and the other will be in the back at the tail. Gato has no any certain styles of dancing; most styles of the show will follow the rhythm of the song. Gato will be performed at the festivals or the various important occasions eg. Welcome the official foreign visitors, end of Buddhist Lent day, and other traditions.

Jaad Tai (A Shan musical folk drama):
Jaad Tai performance is a big show which comprises with 20-50 players or over it depends on each of Jaad Tai group. It is the show reflecting Shan’s culture. Jaad Tai is alike to a Thai musical folk drama in the central region which comprises with actors, musicians; there are a scene, and a stage, dressing accordance with the story. Jaad Tai is the local Myanmar show but nowadays Shan bring it to apply with their own art called “Lige Tai”

Galaew (Sword Dance):
In the past history Shan is the nationality that often evacuate because of invasion by nearby nationalities. They sometime defeat and sometime lose up to the ability of the leader when they are lost they have to move to set up the new place which make them have to learn and inherit the art of defend continuously. Laew or a sword is the individual weapon of Shan therefore; there is training about using of a sword and sword dance since the ancient time. A sword song has a very attractive dancing style.

Rum Tai:
Rum Tai is an art of dancing that shows the unique of Shan in Mae Hong Son province. It shows about the beautiful gentle culture of Shan together with politeness and humbleness. Showing the way of respect to the visitors, dancing all together accordance with the rhythm with careful and neat manner. It will be performed in the festivals or the various important occasions eg. Welcome the official foreign visitors, end of Buddhist Lent day, and other traditions.

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