Mae Hong Son is the province which has the most mountains in Thailand. 90% of the landscape is high sophisticated mountains; there is only l0% of plain in all areas. Though there is little of plain but the occupation for most of the people is agriculture, such as doing rice farm, doing garlic, onion farm, soya bean, sesame, orchard, other farm crops, and livestock. Most income of the people comes from selling agricultural crops, and a part of the products will be kept for consumption. Works on farms will start in the month of June; it is the early of the rainy season, the people will begin to prepare the areas for planting by cutting away all weeds, loosening the soil. They will begin planting immediately when there is enough water from the dam; it takes also 3 or 4 months in waiting for harvest time. After harvest time it will be cold season in Mae Hong Son; the people will prepare the area for planting other vegetation which takes less time and water (2-3 months) such as onion, garlic, soya bean etc. When it enters the hot season of February, every kind of product will be completely harvested and moved to be kept in a silo for eating and selling. In hot season the agricultural area looks drought and empty till the rainy season comes; then the work in farms will begin again.

Economic Crops of Mae Hong Son Province:
The important economic crops of Mae Hong Son Province are the rice, the garlic, the soybean, the peanut, the sesame, the coffee, the sugar cane, the corn, the ginger, the cabbage. Most of the products will be sent to export to factories in other provinces for processing other products due to Mae Hong Son Province having no agricultural processing product factory to be located. But for some products, local people will bring it to process by themselves, and there is using of the traditional local wisdom; such as; the bean, the sesame. It will be processed to be the vegetable oil and it will be the ingredient of other sweets. For the coffee, it will be brought to be roasted by the tool that is easily to be found in the local area and then this will be brought to sell to tourists. For the sugar cane, it will be brought to be processed as the fresh sugar, or it will be stewed until thick and sticky, and then it will be poured to be molded, and this will be changed to be the cube of the sugarcane juice for bringing to sell in nearby communities.

Rice Field
Shan agriculture
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