Despite its modest size, Mae Hong Son Province offers a limited array of lodging choices for discerning tourists. However, its alluring landscapes and multifaceted cultures continue to captivate an increasing number of visitors year after year. While the province may not boast the extensive range of accommodations found in larger provinces, each district within Mae Hong Son Province does present a selection of lodging options, comprising both hotels and guesthouses. Travelers are afforded the opportunity to directly secure reservations with their chosen lodgings or opt for the convenience and budget-friendly options provided by prominent travel websites. Thus, while the province’s lodging offerings may be comparatively limited, the variety present across its districts ensures that tourists can find suitable arrangements to enhance their Mae Hong Son experience.

Accommodations in Pai
The Quarter Hotel
Belle Villa Resort.
Pai Iyara Resort.
Pai Hotspring Spa Resort.
Vimarnkiri Resort.

Accommodations in Khun Yuam
Baan Fha Rang Guest House
Yoont Hotel.
Khun Youm Resort.
Mitt Khun Youm.

Accommodations in Pang Mapha
Sob Pong River Inn.
Little Eden.
Cave Lodge.

Accommodations in Mae Lanoi
Herntai Resort.
Viewnar Resort.

Accommodations in Mae Sariang
River house Hotel.
Chok-wasana Guest House.
Above The Sea Boutique Guesthouse.

Chasa Rakthai Resort
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