The climate characteristic of Mae Hong Son Province

Mae Hong Son Province has the climate characteristic which will be similar to other provinces in the northern of Thailand that will have 3 seasons; summer, rainy and winter season. Which will have the difference of the season clearly. By this will have the very hot weather in the hot season, this will have the very cold weather in the winter season and this will have the rainy quantity quite rather high in the rainy season, the detail of each season will be as follows;

If has no change of the climate condition, the hot season will start from March to May, during of this 3 months, this will be the period that has the clear sky and the very strong sunlight. This will make to have the high temperature and the very hot weather. Especially on April, this will have the very hot weather. The rainy season will start from June to October. This will start to have the abundant rain due to the air pressure nook has shifted up and down according to the influence from Southwest monsoon which will blow the moisture from the Thai gulf and the Indian ocean to fall down as the rain in other areas. Besides, this will receive the influence from the depression storm and the typhoon storm which will blow from the Southeast. This will make to have the rain continuously for the long time and this will have the quantity of the rain water quite rather high from July to September and the rain will start to be far away on October before this will enter to the winter season. The season winter will start from November to February. The influence of the Northeast monsoon wind will bring the cold weather and the drought from Siberia, the central area of the Asian continent, China and Mongolia. Before this will enter into the northern of Thailand. This will make to have the cold weather and the drought. For the area of the high peak, this may create the phenomenon of the hard frost.

Mae Hong Son Province will have the time period of the drought for the long time (This is between the hot season and the winter season). This will use the time from 6-7 months. The geography of Mae Hong Son Province is located far away from the sea and this will have the Thanon Thongchai mountain range and the Dan Lao mountain range to separate from the west side and the east side. The weather can’t ventilate conveniently. The quantity of the dust in the air will accumulate quite high. This will make to create the dim sky condition. The visibility isn’t bright. For the one clear weather characteristic of Mae Hong Son Province, this will have the cloud to cover for all of the year due to this will have the geography as the valley and the mountain. Moreover, this will locate in the high place over the medium sea level more than 200 m. From this cause, this will make the daytime to have the very high temperature due to this is influenced from the burning sunlight. For the nighttime, this will receive the influence from the mountain wind. This will make the weather within the valley to have the cold weather rapidly, when the hot from the daytime has floated higher to crash will the moisture of the weather in the nighttime, this will create the smog to cover in the area of the valley. Hence, in the winter season, this will have more fogs. In the hot season, this will have fogs which is created from the change of the temperature suddenly to mix with the smoke from the forest and in the rainy season, this will have fogs, clouds, the rain to cover especially along the mountain slopes.

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