Mae Hong Son to Myanmar

Mae Hong Son to Myanmar.
Mae Hong Son Province shares a 483 km border with Myanmar, with each district of Mae Hong Son having its own stretch of border connection. These border regions encompass pathways that facilitate travel, trade, and cultural exchanges between the two countries. While most of these routes are natural and open for movement, some have been officially designated by the government as Border Trade Checkpoints to facilitate cross-border commerce. Travel between the two nations is possible via car and boat, with five distinct routes as detailed below:

Mae Hong Son–Ban Huai Phung Route (48 km): Starting from Mae Hong Son City and traversing Highway No. 1095 for around 15 kilometers until reaching a junction. From there, Highway No. 1285 leads to Huai Phung Village, Huai Pha Sub-District, connecting to Myanmar at Wan Na Mon village, Homein village, Langkho, and Loilem District in Shan State. The travel time from Mae Hong Son City to the Huai Phung Village Border Trade Checkpoint is approximately 1.30 hours.

Mae Hong Son–Ban Nam Pieng Din Route (40 minutes): This route can be accessed by car via Highway No. 108 from Mae Hong Son City, then turning onto Highway No. 3018 for 24 kilometers. Alternatively, local villagers primarily use long-tail boats along the Pai River to reach Ban Mai village in Bawlakhe province, Kayah State. This river journey takes around 2 hours for a round trip.

Khun Yuam–Ban Huai Ton Nun Route (2 hours): Beginning in Khun Yuam District, Highway No. 3007 leads through Ban Tor Pae Village, Huai Ton Nun Village, Mae Ngao Sub-District, reaching the Border Trade Checkpoint at Ban Nam Mang village, Mese, Hpasawng, Bawlakhe province, Kayah State. This route is part of the broader journey from Mae Hong Son to Naypyitaw City, Myanmar’s capital, covering a total distance of 34 kilometers.

Mae Sariang-Ban Sao Hin Route (4.30 hours): Spanning 91 kilometers, this route starts from Mae Sariang District, passing through Sao Hin Sub-District, and connects to Myanmar at Ban Nam Mang village, Mese, Hpasawng, Bawlakhe province, Kayah State. The travel time from Mae Sariang City to the Border Trade Checkpoint is approximately 4.30 hours.

Mae Sariang-Ban Mae Sam Lab Route (1.30 hours): Encompassing 46 kilometers, this route begins in Mae Sariang City via Highway No. 1194 and leads to Mae Sam Lab Village. Access to Myanmar at Hpapun district, Hpa-an province, Kayin State, is solely feasible via boat due to the Salween River barrier.

It is important to note that these routes are not open to foreign tourists, as they lack official border checkpoints. Only Thai and Burmese nationals are permitted to utilize these routes for trade and travel purposes.

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