Loy Krathong Festival
Loy Krathong Festival is an ancient ceremony of Shan. It comes on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month. There is no set date. It depends on the moon and is usually in November every year. People make “krathong” to float in rivers. At Nong Chong Kham, various entertainments, various contests such as Miss Nopamas and krathong, cultural show are held near the central pond. Lamps and candles are lit all around the area. Moreover, at Wat Pra That Doi Kong Mu, there is a ceremony of releasing candle-lit krathong bound with balloons to the sky (known as “Loy Krathong Sawan”). Besides in Mae Hong Son Muang district, the other districts also hold Loy Krathong Festival as great as others, too. especially in Mae Sariang District and Pai District.

The Loy Krathong festival of Mae Sariang District will be set every year in the area of the municipal area of Mae Sa Riang, in each year, this will have the people from Mae Sa Riang District and many tourists to come to travel to join in the Loy Krathong festival for apologizing Phra Mae Khong Kha (Goddess of the Ganges) according to the tradition which has inherited for the long time and there is joining to release balloons for being offerings to Buddha in the Loy Krathong Day. The Loy Krathong festival of Mae Sa Riang will have the beautiful Miss Noppamas parade accompanied with the Krathong parade that are elaborated beautifully, this will have the activity of the Miss Noppamas contest, the Krathong contest including the music show and many other activities.

For the Loy Krathong festival that is set by Pai District in the municipal area of Pai Sub-District. Within the festival, this will have the Krathong parade from other communities. By this will have the Krathong parade in other routes in the municipal area of Pai Sub-District, for each parade, this will receive the cooperation of the people in each community who will join to show about the harmony and the conservation and the inheritance of the culture, the tradition of the local area via the Krathong and the success of other activities to be appeared in eyes of tourists and the Thai people for contributing the tourism in Pai District and this is the existence of the good tradition further. For activities within the Loy Krathong festival of Pai District, there are many activities such as; the contest, of the big Krathong parade and the contest of the small Krathong, the contest of the Miss noppamas, the contest of the noppamas little girls, the local sports competition and the music show, etc. The colors of sky and river, the beautiful performing arts will be an experience that impress in your mind forever.

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