Bua Tong (Mexican Sunflowers) Blossom Festival will be held at Doi Mae U Khaw, Khun Yuam district during November to December of every year, which is the time of Bua Tong Flowers bloom. Most of all small and big mountains will be covered with yellow color, Khun Yuam district then held Bua Tong Blossom Festival. There is a service center to provide some convenience to the tourists who go to visit the festival, and also other services such as a tent for rent to the tourists who want to stay overnight on the hill, simple restaurants and beverages. In addition, there are still some balloons to serve the tourists who want to admire the beauty of Bua Tong Flower fields at high angles. Besides Bua Tong Flowers Field, the tourists can go to visit Mae Sunrin Waterfalls which is not too far from the Bua Tong Flower field.

Bua Tong Flower Field is 26 kms. far from Khun Yuam district, the tourists who want to go by yourselves can drive along the highway no. 1263 or if it is not convenient to drive by your own during the festival Khun Yuam district people will arrange you service buses to bring you to visit the Bua Tong Flowers field every day, the buses will park to wait for the tourists at Khun Yuam district. Among the flower fields, the breathtaking sceneries of the mountains, cool fresh air, all of these will be the charm that is unforgettable.

Bua Tong Flowers
Bua Tong Flower Field
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