Sop Moei Tourist Attractions:
Sop Moei is bordered to Tak province in Ta Song Yang district. It is due to small district; therefore, it is not quite well-known among the tourists including the facilities there are very few. However, if mention about the beauty of the nature and places, Sop Moei is not less beautiful than any other districts. Besides the nice nature, it is still the district that reflects to see the simple life styles of the villagers, their original cultures, and the nature, for the tourists who are interested in keeping the nature can have a chance to study all around the district.

Mae Ngao National Park:
It is the most well-known place in Sop Moei district, located about 15 km. away from the district. It is very beautiful national park with full of teak forests, mountains, and also there are many big and small rivers flowing through. The beautiful landscape is covered with the line of the complicated mountain ranges and high hills. Each of the mountains has its unique name such as Doi Pui Luang, Doi Ser Ter Lu, and Doi Kui Luang, but for the river, the Ngao River is the most well-known. The outstanding feature of the river is the stream is clear and cool like the mirror that can reflect the shadow of the tourists, and this is the origin of its name. It is also the source to create the important river in rafting on the Ngao River which is known very well among the tourists. Around the area of headwaters is the location for the Karen who prefers to build the houses, and using the long-tailed boats to be their vehicles in communication. The tourists can begin your journey by car from Baan Mae Ngao to Mae Ngao National Park, the park is provided you to pitch the tent for the tourists who love to do so. You can bring either your own tent or renting from the national park, moreover, there still be the toilet and the bathroom to serve you, too.

Puilaung Mountain:
Puilaung Mountain located at Mae Ngao national park, nowadays there is not any way to reach the mountaintop except walking it takes 2 days for going and returning. The scenic point here is about 1,700 m. above sea level the mountain ridge will lie down all along the line till it reaches Omgawy district in Chiang Mai province. In cold season, the weather can afford you to see the most beautiful foggy sea waves, the weather is cold and windy all year it is suitable to the tourists who love adventure and stay overnight by putting up camp or tent.

O-Lo-Gro Waterfall:
O-Lo-Gro waterfall located at Mae Ngao national park in Southeast of the area, it is a very big, tall, beautiful waterfall the height is not less than 150 m. There is water all year which can show the fertility of the forest but there is not any communications can reach this waterfall only walking that can take 3 days 2 nights for the trip. On the way to waterfall there have to be stay overnight for 1 night at Karen’s village after that continue the trip about 3 more hours until arriving the waterfall. When the time to go back, having to stay another night at the hill tribe village again before going back.

Doi Pui Co viewpoint:
Doi Pui Co viewpoint is located at Umda Nuea village, Mae Kha Tuan subdistrict, with 1,400 meters above sea levels. Doi Pui Co is known as the gold grass field which has beautiful dazzling scenery. The beautiful viewpoint for seeing the sea of fog is second to none. With the panorama view, the tourists can see both sunrise and sunset. Visiting Doi Pui Co around January and February is the best moment ever for seeing gold grass field. There is no any accommodation at the Doi Pui Co. If tourists want to stay overnight, they have to bring food, drinks and tents by themselves. To get to Doi Pui Co, only four-wheel drive vehicles is recommended. About 10 kilometers from Sop Moei district to Umda Nuea village, then around 4 kilometers from Umda Nuea village to the walking point. After that, take a walk for half an hour before reaching the destination.

Mae Saam Laeb:
If you see along the edge of the Salween River, you will be able to notice Mae Saam Laeb village which located 62 km. away from Sob Moei district. Here, it is very popular in boating among the tourists who fall in love in the nature on both sides of the river banks. The peacefulness and the cold of the stream are the charm to encourage you to travel down the river by boat. Besides, you are able to see over to the neighbor country, Myanmar, at present time. The most popular point to go along the river by boat is from Mae Saam Lab to Sob Moei where is the post that the Moei River come to join the Salween River.

Sop Moei District:
Sop Moei District is located on the south end of Mae Hong Son province. There is the territory next to the neighboring administrative area as follow the North is next to Mae Sariang district, the East is next to Hod and Omgoi districts in Chiang Mai province, the South is next to Omgoi district in Chiang Mai province and Tha Song Yang district in Tak province, and the West is next to Karen state of Myanmar. Sob Moei district is 192 km. far from Mae Hong Son Muang district. Most of the area is high sophisticated mountains, and it is quite peace and calm district. For the climate: there are 3 seasons as follow summer begins from March-May, the rainy season begins from June-October, and cold begins from November-February the all year average temperature is 24 ̊C. The total area is 1,412.687 square km. and the total population is 43,435 persons (2020) which consist of Native people, Shan and Karen most of the people earn their living in agriculture e.g. rice planting, soya bean, onions-garlic, other fruits and vegetables, livestock. Sob Moei district divided the administrative area into 6 sub districts namely: Sop Moei sub district, Mae Khatuan sub district, Kong Koi sub district, Mae Suat sub district, Pa Pong sub district, Mae Sam Laep sub district, and there are altogether 58 villages.

Doi Pui Co Sop Moei
Doi Pui Co Sop Moei
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