Khun Yuam Tourist Attractions:
The quite calm and peaceful district becomes jolly, and lively again when the cold season comes together with the colorful of Bua Tong flowers or the Mexican sun flowers that show their yellow color all over on the Mae U-Kho mountain. Both Thai and foreign tourists will come to touch the very cold fresh air and admire the beauty of Bua Tong flowers in this district. Moreover, there still are a lot of other interesting places in Khun Yuam district.

Namtok Mae Surin National Park:
Namtok Mae Surin National Park has the area covers both Khun Yuam and Muang Mae Hong Son district in Mae Hong Son province. Most of the areas consist of forests and complicated mountain ranges lying down in line, together with high big and small steep cliffs and mountains in the same and different attractive characters stay in many places at the area.It is also a fertile water source, with the uniqueness of beautiful nature such as Mae Surin Waterfall, a large waterfall nearby the Sunflower field as well as the Pai River which has beautiful beaches. The Nam Tok Mae Surin National Park has an area of approximately 247,875 rai or 396.60 square km of area.

The landscape of Namtok Mae Surin National Park consists of many mountains and complicated mountain ranges lying down along from the north to the south. The east will be steep high mountains sloping to the west. There are high steep rock mountains and cliffs in the same and different characters; the height from the sea level about 300-1,752 m., Doi Pui is the peak of the hill from the sea level. The area of the National Park is also the origin of various rivers and streams, the important rivers and streams are Pai River, Mae Sa Mard River, Mae Hong Son river, Huai Pong river, and Mae Surin river.

Namtok Mae Surin National Park is located in a valley covered with fog all year round, making it a pleasant weather throughout the year, especially in the winter, on the mountain top it will make the weather very cold. The rainy season begins from May to October having ample of rainfall making the journey inconvenient. Cold season starts in the period of November to February the weather becomes very cold the lowest average temperature in January is 14˚C. Summer begins from March to April having the hot and stuffy weather the highest average temperature in April is 38 ̊C. The average temperature in the whole year is 25 ˚C. Cold and hot seasons are the most suitable period for traveling.

Namtok Mae Surin National Park / Mae Surin Waterfall:
It is in Khun Yuam District on Highway No. 108.It has been endorsed the national park status in 1981, this natural wonder which encompasses a wildlife ,a botanical reserve, a huge waterfall ,thick forest and a spectacular terraced mountain. Mae Surin Waterfall, its main attraction, is 37 kilometers from Khun Yuam district. It is a one level cataract huge waterfall cascading eighty meters down below. Here camping can also be set up.

Bua Tong flowers Field:
The Bua Tong flower blooms during November painting the entire hilly area of Doi Mae U-kho in brilliant yellow draw flocks of visitors to Khun Yuam district. Camping sites arranged during the flowers Bloom Festival is 26 kilometers from the district on Highway No. 1263.

Mae U- Kho Waterfall:
Located at Mae U-Kho mountain area, a little bit before arriving Bua Tong field there will be an intersection the tourists can take about 3 km. with this way to reach the waterfall. It is only one stage waterfall with full of beauty and its beauty is not less than the others.

Muay Tor Temple:
Situated along the highway no. 108 opposite Khun Yuam Local Cultural Centre. The interesting thing in the temple is the Shan style pagoda that encircled with other pagodas. On the top of the pagoda decorated with metal tiered umbrella and hanged around with bells. It is considered as one of the beautiful pagodas.

Khun Yuam Local Cultural Centre:
Located opposite to Muay Tor temple along the highway no. 108. It is Shan and hill tribes’ art handicraft centre, and it is also the place to show the history of World War ll. There is a lot of war materials including the old pictures that cannot be found concerned about the Japanese Military in the World War ll era.

Memorial road:
The first way to Mae Hong Son province was built in Second World War in the year of 1943. The Japanese have order to build this way to Myanmar as strategy plan; it is as same as the dead way which was built in Kanjanaburi province. The lives of men who have to die on this way are not really less than the dead way of Kanjanaburi. However, the death of lives on this way are just only the ordinary men, they are not prisoners of war in alliance group. Two years before the loss of Japanese army, Thai government has an order to the governor to force the people to build the road from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son and enters into Myanmar; the building was controlled by the Japanese mechanic. Since it is the remote landscape together with abundance of malaria so there are a lot of sick and dead persons. This way takes 2 years to finish and kill a lot of people.

To Phae Temple:
Located at Baan To Phae, Mae Ngao sub district 7 km. away from Khun Yuam District. It is the old temple on the right of Yuam waterway. There is a big Shan Buddha image hall; it was built very beautifully inside the hall the tourists can find over 100 years velvet curtain decorated with pearl beads and rubies. Moreover, there still be Shan pagoda and according to the history said that the area had been the accommodation and gather a lot of logs. Later it was built to be a temple and named as “To Phae Temple”. Besides, To Phae village is one of the old communities in Khun Yuam district that still keeps very well of the old Shan culture and an atmosphere.

Muang Pon Shan Village:
Baan Muang Pon was situated in Khun Yuam district area along the highway no.108 (Khun Yuam – Mae Lanoi) 12 km. away from the district. The tourists can see the original Shan houses and life styles and also they are ready to provide you the accommodations or homes stay for the tourists who come to visit. For more information please contact at Baan Muang Pon Sub district Administrative Organization.

Sor Tue Lake:
Sor Tue Lake is a new tourist attraction in Khun Yuam district located in Doi Wiang La wildlife sanctuaries. The journey to Sor Tue Lake, the tourists can take about 20 minutes from Khun Yuam town by driving along the highway no. 108 (Khun Yuam – Mae Hong Son) about 8 kilometers then turning left and driving farther more about 4 kilometers to the lake, there is provided you to pitch the tent for the tourists who love to do so. You can bring either your own tent or renting from the officials, moreover, there still be the accommodation toilet and the bathroom to serve you, too.

Phu Chee Pher Viewpoint:
Phu Chee Pher viewpoint is located at Mae Yod Upstream Management Unit, Khun Yuam district, near Bua Tong Flower Field at Doi Mae U Kho Mountain. The height is 1,800 meters above sea level. It is the viewpoint for seeing sunrise and sunset, including to the sea of fog in the morning. Moreover, this is very gorgeous rugged mountain view, especially when the Bua Tong Flowers are blooming all over the Doi Mae U Kho Mountain. Although Mae Yod Upstream Management Unit has many accommodations and camp sites, it is inadequate for the tourists during high season. For recommendation, staying at camp site around Bua Tong Flower Field or in the Khun Yuam town will be more comfortable for tourists. To get into the Mae Yod Upstream Management Unit, the tourists should take the same road as going to the Bua Tong Flower Field at Doi Mae U Kho Mountain. At 5 kilometers before reaching the Bua Tong Flower Field, there will be sign for steering to the Mae Yod Upstream Management Unit. The only vehicle to get into the Mae Yod Upstream Management Unit is pickups. Then, take a walk from the Mae Yod Upstream Management Unit office to the Phu Chee Pher viewpoint around half an hour.

Khun Yuam District:
Khun Yuam District was located in the south of the province. The territory is next to the neighboring administrative area as follow the North is next to Kaya state of Myanmar, and Mae Hong Son Muang district, the East is next to Mae Chaem district in Chiang Mai province, the South is next to Mae Lanoi district, and the West is next to Kaya state of Myanmar. It is 67 km. far from Mae Hong Son Muang district, the topography is wide flat area and high above the altitude of sea level, approximately 600 m. The climate, there are 3 seasons as follow summer begins from March-May, the rainy season begins from June-October, and cold season begins from November-February the average temperature for the whole year is 25 ̊C. The total area is 1,698.312 square km. and the total population is 23,153 persons (2020) which consist of Native people, Shan, Karen, Hmong, most of the people earn their living in agriculture such as rice planting, soy beans, onions-garlic, cabbages, carrots, and livestock. Khun Yuam district divided the administrative area into 6 sub districts namely: Khun Yuam sub district, Mae Ngao sub district, Muang Pon sub district, Mae Yuam Noi sub district, Mae Ki sub district, Mae Ukho sub district, and there are altogether 45 villages.

Bua Tong Flower Field
Bua Tong Flower Field
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