Off Road Route Maps
If you are the person who likes to drive to take adventure and has the proficiency in driving the car in the route that is bumpy, rough, zigzag and steep, sometimes, you have to drive to cross the river and pass into the distant countryside, if you have the confidence that you have the excellent skill in driving, we would like to recommend you the short-range route. You can use the time for 1 day from Mae Hong Son in traveling back. You can rent the motocross bike and the four wheels drive from the car rent shop in the Mae Hong Son city. Traveling will be started from the Mae Hong Son city. You can drive through the highway No. 108 (Mae Hong Son – Khun Yuam route) for traveling to Huai Pong Village. This will take the distance for approximately at 36 km to Huai Pong Village. From Huai Pong Village, you can drive further for approximately at 5 km to meet the left crossroad and you can turn left to Nong Khiaw Village along to this route. By this route will be the dirt road switching with the concrete road which is quite narrow and steep. You can drive further approximately for 20 km, you will meet the T-junction. You can turn left a little bit and you will see Nong Khiaw Village. This village is the village of the Karen hill tribe. And the side view of the village will have the large swamp, this will have the very beautiful view. Later, you can use the same route to travel back to the T-junction that you had turned to Nong Khiaw Village previously. You have to turn left and drive further through the rural highway No. 4009 for 16 km in order to pass many villages of Karen hill tribes until to the crossroad to enter to Mae Surin waterfall. And you can visit Mae Surin waterfall. This is the highest waterfall of Thailand. After you have admired the beauty of Mae Surin waterfall already, you can drive further for 10 km until to Bua Tong field that is the another one famous tourist attraction of Mae Hong Son. If you have travelled in the period of November, you will see abloom yellow Bua Tong flowers covering every areas of top of a mountain. From Bua Tong field, traveling will be rather easy. Due to hereafter, this road will be the paved road. You can drive through many villages of Hmong hill tribes and Karen hill tribes until to the highway No. 1263. You have to turn right and drive further until to Khun Yuam District and this will meet with the highway No. 108 again. Later, you have to turn right to aim to Mae Hong Son. For the distance from Bua Tong field to Mae Hong Son will be approximately at 92 km. This trip will use the full day, we would like to recommend you to rent the good condition car and you shall have to travel in the morning.

The Romantic Road Route Maps
If you are the driver who would like to drive along to the easy and convenient route, we would like to recommend this route. This is the good paved road and this is the best romantic route. By this will start from Mae Hong Son, you can drive along the highway No. 108 for approximately at 5 km. and you will meet the crossroad which will turn to the rural highway No. 3018. This road had been built to go through the bank of Pai river. This road will be cut through villages and agricultural areas in the countryside until to the last Thai frontier at Num Pieng Din Village. This is the village of Shan people where is located attach to Thailand-Myanmar Border. For all of travelling on this route, you will enjoy with the beautiful view including touching with lifestyles of the people in the countryside. And during of your traveling, you will be able to take the boat to visit Long Neck Karen Tribe at Huay Pu Keng village which is located at the another bank of Pai river. After you have enjoyed with the atmosphere and have touched with the culture and lifestyles of the people in the countryside already, you can travel back by using the same route to Mae Hong Son. The total distance for the round trip will be 60 km.

Country Road
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