Getting off the beaten track is always rewarding, particularly in Mae Hong Son province northern Thailand where travel by foot, mountain bikes, four wheel drive vehicles or river rafts brings the visitor into closer contact with rural rhythms and local inhabitants, be they Thai farmers or hill tribes people occupying their own high altitude settlements. Several companies offer adventurous juggle treks. Originating in Mae Hong Son, Pai, Mae Sariang, and the treks usually last from 2 to 7 days. Modes of transport generally include foot and four wheel vehicles through forested mountains and high valleys and meadows, and include visit to remoter hill tribe settlements for overnight stays. Major hill tribes include the Hmong, Lisu, Lahu, Karen and Lawa. Most tribes share animist beliefs and honor numerous forest and guardian spirits. Each tribe has distinctive courtship rituals, games, dances, agricultural customs, puberty rites, languages or dialects, aesthetic values, ceremonial costumes and hygienic habits. Visitors are advised to respect hill tribe beliefs and religious symbols and structures, to ask permission before taking photographs, and to dress modestly since inappropriate attire may cause genuine offence.

Biking is one of the interesting activities for the tourists who have much time and prefer visiting other interesting places by your selves as temples, taking a look around the city. There are bicycles rental available for the tourists in some districts like Mae Hong Son Muang district, Pai district, and Mae Sariang district. Tourists can ask for the information and routes of biking from the bicycle rental shops.

Trekking Trail
Pha Bong Water Fall
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