Bamboo Rafting in Mae Hong Son Muang District:
The tourists who love rafting, the Pai River is one of the rivers that will make you feel pleasant in rafting by a bamboo raft along the river among the beautiful nature in the calm forest. Sometimes, you can hear just the wild birds singing while you are going along on the bamboo raft. It is absolutely the fascinated scene that makes you feel fall in love with this stream. Rafting with bamboo in Mae Hong Son can be done in every season; the tourists have to go to Tung Kong Moo village, which is 3 km. far from town. This village will be the location of bamboo rafting business officers and it is also the starting point of bamboo rafting and ending at Sob Pong village. Tourists can take about one and a half hours for this attractive activity.

Bamboo Rafting in Pai district:
Bamboo Rafting in Pai district will start at Tan Jet Ton village, Wieng nua sub district, going down along Pai River admiring all beautiful scenery of both sides of Pai River until ending at The Pai River Bridge at Mae Hee Wiengtai sub district. The approximate distance is 7 km. Take about 2 hours on this journey.

Bamboo Rafting in Sop Moei District:
It is an activity that challenges the ability of tourists who really love adventure. It is more popular to use the bamboo raft for whitewater rafting along the strong stream with rocks and cliffs, together with the beautiful nature on both sides of the river banks. Since it is an activity that has a lot of fun and excitement, therefore, it is suitable only for tourists who love much in adventure. The appropriate period for rafting is June – January and there are three rafting ranges as follow: from Nadoi village to Mae Ngao National Park taking 2 days 1 night, from Mae Lui village to Mae Ngao National Park taking 3 hours, and from Mae Ngao National Park to Sob Ngao which is the meeting point of Ngao River and Meoi River. Tourists can contact for rafting at Mae Ngao village and Mae Ngao National Park. For the journey, begins from Mae Sariang district using high way no.105(Mae Sariang – Mae Sod) after passing Sob Meoi district going straight over 15 km. Arriving at Baan Mae Ngao village turn left and go 5 km. Father there will be Mae Ngao National Park.

White water rafting:
The Pai River is the biggest and the longest river in Mae Hong Son province, originating from Tanon Thongchai and Dan lao mountain ranges flowing past 3 districts in Mae Hong Son province; Pai district, Pang Mapha district, and Mae Hong Son Muang district before flowing to meet Salween River in Kaya state of Myanmar the entire length is about 180 km. The Pai River is the river which has a lot of islets and breathtaking scenery. So, rafting in the Pai River is one of the activities which is very interesting for the nature and the adventure lovers. The difficulty of rafting can be divided from level 1-4; however, in the rainy season may be reach to the 5 level, the tourists can touch the beautiful nature and enjoyment throughout the stream such as waterfall playing, camping in the forest, the mud bath from national hot springs, jumping cliffs. The suitable range for rafting is from June-February of every year, it is necessary to use local skillful persons, and the rafting business firms directly for rafting in the Pai River. Before rafting the tourists will have been practiced paddle and suggested in using the rubber raft in detail the operators will prepare food, beverages, and beddings, taking – sending cars, and the all other need of accessories. There are two routes of rafting as follow:

From Pai district – Mae Hong Son Muang district:
Begins in Pai district; the approximate total distance is 70 km, and takes about 2 days 1night before reaching the ending point that is Mae Surin Waterfall National Park, Mae Hong Son Muang district.

From Pang Mapha district – Mae Hong Son Muang district:
Begins at Huey San village, Pang Ma Pha district going down the Kong River to meet the Pai River, arriving at Mae Surin Waterfall National Park, Mae Hong Son Muang district, and the total distance is 45 km. taking 2 days 1 night. For this trip, for the tourists who have not too much of time can change or adapt the tour programed to be 1 day trip.

Bamboo Rafting Pai River
Bam Boo Rafting
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