Community Tourism is another form of tourism that is currently popular because tourists will learn the way of living and culture of each community. In addition, income will be distributed in that community from community tourism and this kind of tourism is mostly administered and managed by the community. We select a community in Mae Hong Son Province, which is located in magnificent area and rich of fertile forests. Tourists can consider before making a decision to have a visit as follows.

Baan Jabo Village:
Baan Jabo is Lahu hill tribe village. Cultivation and livestock are their main occupations; there is a short trekking around the village which is an ecotourism activity such as hiking, studied there are variety of plants. Furthermore, the tourists will also learn how to grow vegetables, raise farm animals, and make various wickerwork. If tourists go to visit the village in the period of March-April, you can touch the Lahu’s New Year celebration atmosphere and can participate with fun. Baan Jabo village located at Pang Mapha sub district, Pang Mapha District, Mae Hong Son province. The journey to Baan Jabo village, the tourists can take about 20 minutes from Pang Mapha, by driving along the highway No. 1095 (Pai – Mae Hong Son route) then turning right to the highway No. 1225 and driving further about 4 kilometers to the village.

Ban Huai Hom Village:
Baan Huai Hom is Karen hill tribe village. Located rather high on the hill with cool weather all year round is Huai Hom village. The tourists will be touched closely to Karen’s lifestyle and cultures, such as walking around to see cultivation of vegetables and fruits, weaving of wool, and cooking in Karen’s style together with a lot of interesting activities. In the evening, tourists can enjoy dancing, playing local musical instruments and drinking with good taste of coffee planted by Karen on the top of the hill. Baan Huai Hom village located at Huai Hom sub district, Mae La Noi District, Mae Hong Son province. The journey to Baan Huai Hom village, the tourists can take about 1:00 hours from Mae La Noi, by driving along the highway No. 1226, approximately 33 kilometers to the village.

Baan To Phae Village:
At Baan To Phae Village, the tourists can feel the Shan-style atmosphere which is general typical rural of Mae Hong Son province: the villagers have built the typical old style houses to welcome the tourists and prepare all typical local food cooked by Shan with original taste to serve. Moreover, if the tourists would like to learn how to cook in Shan style, the hosts are please to prepare all Shan ingredients and teach how to cook. With simple Shan’s lifestyle, the beauty of cultures, the peaceful atmosphere of countryside, mountains, and magnificent forest are all the enchanting of Baan To Phae Village. Baan To Phae village located at Mae Ngao sub district, Khun Yuam district, Mae Hong Son province. The journey to Baan To Phae village, the tourists can take about 10 minutes from Khun Yuam, by taking the route Khun Yuam – Baan To Phae, approximately 5 kilometers to the village.

Baan Pha Bong Village:
Pha Bong community is located in Pha Bong sub district, Mae Hong Son Muang district, Mae Hong Son province. Tourists are welcome to the small community, and they can spend their life among the culture, tradition, and way of life of Pha Bong villagers. Most of them are Shan and Karen people, although there were differences in cultures and traditions among them, but they have lived together for more than 100 years. Tourists can perceive the ways of life, culture, and tradition of villagers during each period of year, such as The Poy Sang Long Festival (The Novice Ordination), or the beginning and the end of Buddhist Lent. Most of the traditions are held with parades, folk art performances, and Shan dancing. Tourist can stay overnight at Pha Bong village, either home stay with meal or private accommodation by contacting the community leader.

In addition, the Pha Bong village also has interesting attractions is the bamboo bridge. The bridge was built across the paddy fields so that tourists could see village scenery surrounded by green wide paddy fields. There was natural hot spring which also has room services for being immersed in hot spring, including to the Thai massage providing service to the tourists. Another highlighted destination that you have to visit is Sok Jaa market, where is the community market of Pha Bong. It opens on Friday and Saturday at Pha Bong Cultural Center. The villagers will bring their food and agricultural products, and they will bring Shan’s food and many folk souvenirs for sale. Apart from food and Shan’s souvenirs, there is one more handmade product of Karen people. This is a marvelous weaving which is originally made by back strap loom, the weaving tools made by ancients’ folk wisdom. Not only did the tourists see the ancient weaving method, but also they could buy cotton fabrics or products dyed by the use of natural color. The products were made by hand-weaving; therefore, every single piece of product was very elegant. The out-standing culture, elegant tradition, kindness, and hospitality of the villagers will be in your memory for ever. The journey to Baan Pha Bong village, the tourists can take about 15 minutes from Mae Hong Son city by driving along the highway no. 108 (Mae Hong Son – Chiang Mai route) approximately 12 kilometers to the village.

Lahu Tribe Village
Lisu Tribe Village
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