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Pai River Cruises:
Embark on a delightful journey along the tranquil waters of the Pai River, where the scenic beauty of nature unfolds before your eyes. For those seeking an alternative to rafting, a one-hour boat cruise offers an equally captivating experience. With the comfort of a long-tailed boat, you’ll be guided along the picturesque riverbanks, each moment imbued with the wonders of the natural world. As you glide along the water, the landscape unfolds like a dream, especially in the embrace of morning mist that can transform the river into an ethereal realm. The mountains, adorned with lush green trees and fertile forests, stand sentinel on either side of the river, creating a symphony of nature that soothes the soul. In this idyllic journey, you’ll not only bask in the beauty of nature but also have the opportunity to connect with local cultures. Make a stop at the Huai Poo Gang village to greet the enchanting Long Neck Karen Tribe, or visit the Shan village at Baan Num Pieng Din, a village nestled near the Myanmar-Thai border. To embark on this river expedition, head to Baan Huai Dua pier, located just 5 kilometers away from Mae Hong Son town. The journey takes a mere 15 minutes, transporting you to a world where riverbanks and horizons merge in perfect harmony, promising an unforgettable experience that captures the heart and soul.

Salween River Cruises:
Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of the Salween River with a captivating cruise that reveals the river’s diverse landscapes and the harmonious coexistence of cultures along its banks. As the dry season unfolds, the Salween River unveils its hidden treasures, with sandy beaches and ancient rocks emerging from the water’s embrace, creating a mesmerizing sight. Embarking on a long-tailed boat, tourists can indulge in a leisurely voyage along the Salween River, embracing the serenity and splendor that surrounds them. The riverbanks come alive with the vibrant tapestry of both Thai and Burmese ways of life, offering a unique glimpse into the daily rhythms of these borderland communities. Your journey on the Salween River commences at the picturesque Mae Sam Laeb village, located around 47 kilometers from the heart of Mae Sariang City. Your route traces the path of Highway 1194, guiding you to this Thai-Myanmar border village that also serves as the hub for boat rentals, ensuring a seamless beginning to your river adventure.

Here, a multitude of boat services converge, ready to take you on an unforgettable voyage along the Salween River. Two intriguing routes beckon, each promising an exploration of the river’s mysteries. The first route meanders northward, carrying you past captivating landmarks such as Simoota village, Mae Paw village, Tatafang village, and the renowned Salween Wildlife Preservation area. This voyage grants you two hours of mesmerizing exploration before returning to Mae Sam Laeb village. Alternatively, the second route invites you to sail southward, tracing the river’s meandering course until reaching the meeting point of the Sob Meoi and Salween Rivers at Sob Meoi village. Here, you’ll witness the confluence of these two majestic rivers before the Salween continues its journey into Myanmar. This route offers a two-hour voyage of discovery, allowing you to immerse yourself in the river’s allure before returning to your starting point. Prepare to be captivated by the Salween River’s symphony of sights and sounds, where nature’s splendor and cultural richness converge to create an unforgettable experience that will forever linger in your memory.

Pai River Cruises
Pai River
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