Baan Rak Thai village, or Baan Mae Aw in the original name, it is a Chinese village evacuating from China at a time there was a revolution and change of government. The village is located next to Thai-Myanmar border, 44 kms. far from Mae Hong Son City. Planting tea is main occupation of most people in the village; it is the place where can produce good quality tea which is also the most famous product of the village. Surrounding villages with spectacular views; therefore, during February of every year, which is the month matching Chinese New Year, there will be a lot of tourists pouring to visit Mae Hong Son. So, the people in the village took this opportunity to organize “Tea Tasting Festival” to promote the good quality product of the village and at the same time to welcome all the visitors. Besides tasting good quality tea, during the festival, there are the local performing arts to show their own original traditions and cultures. All over the village will be decorated similar to the local area of China and serving you together with good Chinese dishes. Moreover, there is still an interesting activity that is to walk or to ride a mule to see and visit tea plantations and beautiful scenery around the village. There are accommodation services for tourists who want to stay overnight in the village, too.

The journey to Baan Rak Thai Village, the tourists can take about 1 hour from Mae Hong Son to the village by driving along the highway no. 1095 about 8 kms. before reaching Fish Cave turning left to Mog Jum Pae village. This way will pass a lot of interesting places where the tourists can spend some minutes to visit such as Pha Sua Waterfalls, Pang Tong Palace, Hmong village, and Shan village. Anyway, since the road is rather steep, tourists should drive with care.

Tea Plantation Ban Rak Thai
Ban Rak Thai
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